Cambridge Gliding Centre

interunis 2023

Dates: 1st – 9th July 2023.
Location: Gransden Lodge Airfield, Longstowe Rd, Little Gransden, Sandy SG19 3EB
Entry Fee includes temporary membership and facility fees.

Cambridge Gliding Centre Standard Operating Procedures:
Airfield Operations
Sailplane Operations
Motorglider Operations
Sailplane and Motorglider Daily Inspection, Defect Reporting & Test Flying

Airfield Radio Channel : 131.280
Landout Telephone 01767 679111


Competition days are 2nd - 8th July. Only on competition days can points be won towards cups, however the Saturday before and Sunday after can also be flying days - depending on the weather of course! It is encouraged that any solo pilots have their site checks the first day they arrive – this is to ensure that the instructors are available for training.

Before each flying day there will be a daily briefing in the club house, any badges claims and requests are asked to be announced at the briefing to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. We will also generate a two-seater and single-seater flying list, which is first come first serve.

Date Activity Catering
Saturday 1st July Arrival, Registration, Check Flights Lunch and Dinner
Sunday 2nd July - Friday 7th July Flying! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Saturday 8th July Flying and Awards Ceremony Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sunday 9th July Departure Breakfast, Lunch


Accommodation at GRL is only camping for students and there is no cost involved in pitching a tent. Showers and toilets will be available. There will be no electricity provided in the camping area, but there will be sockets available in the clubhouse.

There are very limited number of rooms on-site for instructors, please enquire at [email protected] if you need one.


There will be an excellent caterer providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from whom everyone is welcome to purchase (cash or card). There will be no access to the kitchen for cooking, but a separate table will be put out for making tea, coffee and the microwave.

Breakfast Assorted items and cooked rolls £3.00 ~ £4.00
Lunch Sandwiches £3.80 ~ £4.60
Dinner Last Year's Menu £9.50 ~ £10.50


- Logbook and progress card (if your club uses them)
- Medical documents (if necessary, esp. post-solo pilots)
- Insurance and ARC for your aircraft
- Toiletries, towel, soap
- Lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats
- Water bottle


When you arrive, please go to the office. There will be a registration booth where your documents will be verified and filed. You also will be given a member account number (which you need to write on logsheets) and get your T-shirt. We recommend setting up camp before nightfall.

There will be a flying list every morning, after which the aircraft and instructors will be allocated based on the indicated preferences, instructor availability, and first-come-first-serve. 

On the Friday (7th July), the office will charge you for your flights for the first half of the event. Please ensure the card details you provided at registration are valid, or visit to the office to complete your payment.

Awards will be awarded for both Team and Individual point totals. Prizes!
Best Picture of the Day will be awarded at the start of each day.

You may still fly on the last day (9th July), but most of our volunteer instructors would not be available. Your temporary membership will expire at the end of the day. You'll be charged the following week for the remaining flying charges. Please ensure you haven't left anything behind and have a safe trip home!