Cambridge Gliding Centre



You'll need to upload proof of your scoring claims.

For Progression Cup, please upload an image of your progress card / logbook with the relevant task and instructor signature.

For Soaring Cup and Cross-Country Cup, please upload a screenshot of your flight on a tracking app, or your IGC file (download from FLARM or a soaring app on your phone). Your flight details and claims will be checked against the daily logsheet to make sure it was you flying the aircraft at the time.

For Cross-country Cup, please first upload your flight to the BGA ladder and provide a link to your flight.


The competition is divided into three categories and awards: Progression Cup, Soaring Cup, and Cross-country Cup.

Anyone can win points for the Progression Cup, with points being awarded for having a task on your BGA training card signed off by an instructor, badge flights and achievements as well as glider conversions. For example, 
First Flight - 100 points
Lookout - 50 points
First Solo - 500 points

The Soaring Cup can be flown by anyone flying solo. This is aimed at improving precision flying, with 1 point being awarded each minute up to the target time, after this 6 points are deducted every minute. Points are also awarded for height gain for 2 points per 100ft.

The target time will be chosen at the start of the event, depending on the availability and demand of gliders. The aim is to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy flying on a good day. The reference is around 50 minutes.

For badge flights such as 1-hour cross-country endorsement and 5-hour Silver duration, you should submit a progression claim instead where you will be rewarded appropriately.

The Cross-Country Cup can be flown by anyone with their cross-country endorsement. Tasks are self-set, so you do not have to have your silver badge to compete for points. Some suggested tasks will be available during the week, and instructors are available to help you plan your own task! You can obtain a very long list of Gransden Club Tasks by asking any local instructor or student. There are other local cross-country information on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Please make sure you have sorted your retrieve crew before flying, if you do not have a crew please let the organisers know and we will do our best to support you. If you do land out please call the Landout Telephone 01767 679111 as soon as possible so we know you are safe.

Examples of Gransden Club Tasks:

1. GRL-PIT-GRL, 106.3km (Silver 50km out and return)

2. GRL-NPT-RUS-GRL, 110.4km

3. GRL-WHN-CLA-GRL, 209.3km


We'd love to see your pictures! Please only submit one per day. Bonus points for good captions!

After the end of this event, an article will be written for Sailplane & Gliding, feature pictures taken by you! Your name and caption will be credited in the magazine, so this is your chance to be famous!

If you wish to write a short story about an interesting flight / landing out, etc, please send it to [email protected]